Android printing from Chrome


I need a solution for to print on a Zebra QLn220 from Chrome app in an Android mobile via Bluetooth.

In details, I have a program that works under web http and it creates a simple webpage with only a text list of the command I need to send to my Zebra QLn220, paired with Bluetooth, for to print a label.

My program elaborates the data I need and than it shows the page with only the text codes. I need to send this codes to my QLn220 via bluetooth and write the label.

I installed the Zebra Print Connect app on my Android mobile, and it confirms me that the QLn220 is connected via bluetooth, but when I tried to SHARE via Chrome and choose bluetooth device, it doesn't appear. Also if I looking for to print, it doesn't appear.

Is there a way to print from Chrome the webpage?