FX7500 support DHCP options

Does the FX7500 support any DHCP options?  Customer is asking if it can support Dynamic Host Configuration via DHCP option

Chris Hamner
Hi Gregory,I factory

Hi Gregory,

I factory-defaulted an FX7500 and here are the only options it asks for (via a DHCP DISCOVER captured with Wireshark on Windows 2012 R2):

FX7500 firmware 1.2.84 & 2.3.23

OPTION 1: Subnet Mask

OPTION 2: Time Offset

OPTION 3: Router

OPTION 6: Domain Name Server

OPTION 12: Host Name

OPTION 15: Domain Name

OPTION 28: Broadcast Address


Specifying option 12 does not work in these versions of code--the reader sends a request for its default host name and/or doesn't listen to the offered option from the DHCP server.

We have requested changes to the code to allow changing the hostname, but it has not been implemented.


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