Velocity TE - Hide toolbar in Velocity on Android


I am currently testing Velocity in native mode on Android mobile device.

Test environment:

  • Zebra MC330M-GI3HG2RW mobile device
  • Android 7.1.2
  • Velocity Android Client 2.0.18010
  • Velocity Console
  • Emulation Type: VT100

In Velocity Console, in Navigation pane i turned on "Hide Toolbar" option and set hex value for key to toggle menu (attached screenshot HideToolbar_With_Toogle_Key_Adjustment.jpg).

When i distribute these adjustments to mobile device, toolbar is still visible (attached Velocity screenshot Screenshot_DEMO_TE_20180521-133540.jpg).

Additional explanation - DEMO_TE screenshot represents new project's Host profile, created in Velocity Console (it is not existing DEMO profile which is shown when you start Velocity for the first time).

I also have this issue with Production Host profile.

This function is very useful because i do not want users to be able to do anything within the menu.

Deployment file (file with extension .wldep) is set in "Internal Shared Storage" partition, in folder "com.wavelink.velocity".

Am I doing something wrong in configuration from console?