Unable to Connect TC70x to Windows 7 / 10


I've been developing an app to use with TC70x:

- Android Version 6.0.1

- 2 slot cradle (1 device, 1 battery)


- ADB version 1.0.39

- Zebra Android USB Driver 2.2

I've been trying to connect the device on 2 different systems with the same results.

- I've tried the USB cable that was furnished from our vendor with the cradle, it doesn't work

- I've tried 2 other USB cables that work with my Samsung and it doesn't work with the Zebra device

- I've installed the Zebra Android USB Driver 2.2 on both machines, it still doesn't see the device

- I've enabled USB debugging and still neither PC see's the device

- I've entered ADB Sideload mode and still could not see the device on either PC (adb devices command)

I'm ready to start device testing to proof that we can use Zebra TC70x devices for our needs, any help would be greatly appreciated!