Xamarin Forms Link-OS iOS BLE disconnect after few seconds

I'm pairing my app to the ZQ520 printer using Plugin.Ble (low energy). But after few seconds (20-30 seconds), the pairing stops. When I try to connect using the Link-OS sdk, it fails saying "Could not connect to device on address ..." .

It prints properly if I pair the device manually in the setting of the phone. Does Link-OS support Low energy Bluetooth (BLE) ? If yes, does Link-OS need special setting in order to make it work ?


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Hi Alexandre, The Link-OS SDK

Hi Alexandre, The Link-OS SDK for iOS does not support BLE, but you can find some sample code showing how to do it here.  Make sure your ZQ520 printer supports BLE as well.  Not all versions do.  If you don't know, post the part number from it's underside and we can tell you.

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