Zebra MC40 + Scanning into WebApp


My organization is in the midst of a software transition and one of new features to come along with it is bar code scanning. The web app accepts the bar code input as text input followed by a return.

We are looking to deploy a mixture of wired handheld scanners attached to laptops, wireless scanners attached via bluetooth to laptops and a few MC40's.

The developer of the web app isn't being very responsive in regards to the Zebra MC40's. The conversation has been vague and I can't get them to agree based on the documentation that they will work with the web app. My position is that I have a requirement for this type of all-in-one device for our mobile teams.

My question is, can DataWedge be configured to pass the scanned data to the web browser as text and supply a return? My reading of the documentation seems to indicate that yes it can, but I'm looking for some backing from people more familiar with these systems. 

Also I have tested the barcode screen in my webapp by keying in codes by hand it hitting enter and it does work as expected.

Thank You

Walter Hill

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