Menu access

Hi everyone,

i disable system settings menu  for the end user not to be able to remove my mdm agent but i want to access the end user to the wifi,bluetooth  menus. i execute bottom code but remove all menus how can solve this problem?

  <characteristic version="4.3" type="AccessMgr">

  <parm name="SystemSettings" value="2" />


  <characteristic version="7.0" type="BluetoothMgr">

    <parm name="AllowPairing" value="1" />

    <parm name="AllowDiscoverability" value="1" />

    <parm name="AllowSilentPairing" value="1" />

    <parm name="SilentPairingAction" value="0" />


  <characteristic version="4.4" type="SettingsMgr">

    <parm name="WifiSettingsUI" value="1" />

    <parm name="AirplaneMode" value="1" />


  <characteristic version="7.1" type="UiMgr">

    <parm name="NotificationPullDown" value="1" />

    <parm name="NotificationSettings" value="1" />

    <parm name="QuickSettings" value="1" />