TC8000 KeyCode Mapping

Hello everyone,

we have TC8000 devices in use, which accesses a web application via Enterprise Browser.

I'ld like to remap the Back-Key (KeyCode 4) to the F3-Key (KeyCode 133) inside the EB.

I tried this using the keycodemapping.xml


<?xml version = "1.0"?>



        <KEYCODE  name="KEYCODE_BACK" from="4" to="133" /> 



When I use a test site to see which keycode gets "send" when pressing the back button, it correctly displays the keycode 133.

Unfortunately, when I access the web application and then press the back button, it doesn't execute the F3 Button.

I thought, that it may be an issue of the web app itself, which results in not processing the keycode 133, yet when I send a

input keyevent 133

via adb shell, the F3-Action get's executed correctly.

Do you have an idea, on what's going wrong here?

Am I missing something?

Kind regards,

André L.