Android loses connection to ZQ520 if the printer is powered off


  • For a US customer we run Zebra ZQ 520 printers connected to android phones and tablets.
  • We use the Zebra SDK to connect to the printer.
  • We use the android OS to pair with the printer and our app stores the mac of the printer so it can re connect every day when it needs to print
  • Our app doesn't do the pairing, the android os is used for paring.

What we are seeing is if the customer turns the printer off for more than 10 minutes the printer is unpaired in the android OS.

We saw similar results with the RW420 if we tried to print to the printer while it was out of range. On returning into range the user had to re pair the printer.

We tested this on several different android Handhelds.

Is this an issue you've seen before?

Are there any workarounds?