How do I configure Datawege for Dynamics 365 POS?

Our client is looking to deploy Microsoft Dynamic 365 for their POS system.  Within D365 the default product display screen does not have a text input field. On a PC this is not a problem as the barcode scanner activity is automatically recognised, the barcode data captured and everything progresses.  However on the TC51 using Datawedge this does not work.  The TC51 barcode scanner appears to read the barcode (green light), however lacking an input field the barcode data is ignored and discarded by the browser app.  The user has to proactively press a key (<CTRL><+> or <ALT><Q>), to open a search field with cursor in place and then scan the barcode. 

I'm looking to trial the PREFIX option in Datawedge but need to know the ASCII code for <CTRL<+>  and/or  <ALT><Q>.  Can you please help with this.

The TC51 is running Android Nougat and we have tried both Google Chrome and Zebra Enterprise Browser without success.  Any advice or experience with this is appreciated.  I have seen other posts regarding Java scripts but it is now clear how these scripts would help in this situation.