Android Zebra Bluetooth Print Spooling Solution

I have an Android Xamarin application that prints to a ZD620 Zebra printer using classic bluetooth. There are a couple of questions based on my experience and what I have encountered:

1. If the device makes a call to connect to the printer on thread before the previous print has completed, an attempt to connect to the printer fails and it is not printed.

i.e. I am scanning mulitple barcodes at a time if I rapidly scan 4 barcodes, 1 out of 4 will be printed over bluetooth because the connection is so slow and hangs up the printer as it seems only 1 created thread can connect and print to it at a time.

2. How many devices can be paired and print at the same time as this looks like the issue #1 would grow exponentially given many devices trying to connect over bluetooth and use the same printer.

What are possible solutions that can be implemented for this issue?

What is the normal situation with Printer Spooling given the print is from the device to the printer and "Windows OS" etc are not creating the spooling print jobs?