Possible bug: I scan the letter A and get the number 9


I've found a possible character scanning bug on a TC75 using EMDK for Xamarin app (Symbol.XamarinEMDK, or Datawedge Demo app.

I'm using Android 4.4 on a TC75 device. This is the only test device I have.

I've just noticed that when I scan the character 'A' that I'm getting the character '9' instead

I scan the following barcodes:


But the strings I get back are incorrect:

And it's reproducible in my Xamarin Forms application that I'm building. It probably won't be an issue for me as I'm only using sample data and can probably work out some way of partially matching between scans and my data. But this is definitely a concern for the general quality of scans. Has anyone seen this issue before? Is anyone able to reproduce my issue?

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