Step By Step Procedure for Implementing Bug Report Manager using C# programatically

Hi All,

We are trying to implement Bug Report Manager (bugreportmgr) in our project.

We are trying to call the Bug Report Manager using “com.symbol.mxmf.intent.START_FOR_BUG_REPORT” intent action but no luck. We are not able to generate bug report.

We are not able to find the Broadcast Receiver name in the document.

Can someone help us by explaining step by step procedure to generate bug report using Bug Report Manager.

Also can you please explain us how to use the  broadcast message com.symbol.mxmf.intent.START_FOR_BUG_REPORT”.

Also explain all the settings we need for generating bug report.

Can you confirm will this intent will work without enabling the USB debugging on the device.

Can you please confirm whether any storage path can be set a input parameter so that file can be stored in the prescribed path.