Scandit and DataWedge together

Hi guys.

I have developed an Application with Xamarin Android using Scandit libraries.

It works fine (Scandit is a very good product).

Now I would like to add also DataWedge functionality so the end user can decide how to scan barcode (with Camera and Scandit or with TC51 barcode reader with DataWedge).

I have used Intent API and BroadcastReceiver to configure and receive barcodes from DataWedge

My problem is: when Scandit SDK is working (so I am using Camera to scan barcodes) I am not able to use DataWedge. Pressing hardware buttons do nothing.

To work with DataWedge I have to call Scandit SDK 's StopScanning() function: after that, pressing hardware buttons the TC51 barcode reader start to scan.

I don't understand why Scandit and DataWedge can't work together. It seems that if the Camera is used by Scandit, DataWedge is blocked, but for me this should not happen if I use DataWedge with integrated barcode reader...

Can you give me some suggestions?