How to update data wedge profile using Stage Now ?

Is there a way on how to update datawedge profile such as enabling data intent action then pass the intent action string "com.dwexample.ACTION" and also the value or changing the intent delivery to "Broadcast intent". through Stage Now PC Application by scanning the barcode then  the datawedge will update ?


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Hi, not to the point where

Hi, not to the point where you can configure individual settings from within Stage Now.  You can configure DataWedge on a single device, export that profile to a .db file and use Stage Now to deploy that .db file to the /autoimport folder of any device you are provisioning.  Please see the DataWedge mass deployment help section for more information: DataWedge Settings - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  The answers to   also relate & include some troubleshooting.

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