Control characters (<ASCII 32) are getting Trimmed by DataWedge profile

When we are trying scan a barcode containing control characters (< ASCII 32) using zebra TC8000, then datawedge profile is removing those control characters from the scanned value before sending the value to the target application. For example if we scan a barcode containing the value 6360 4K  (here   = ASCII29 GS), we are getting the value  63604K at the application.  Does datawedge support scanning of control characters? if Yes, what is the configuration we need to do in order to retain the control characters in the scanned value?

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If you have written an

If you have written an application that is using the Intent output plugin to receive the scan data,  the character will be passed to your app as is.  If you are using the keystroke plugin,  embedded non printable characters can cause issues like this.

You could set up an Advanced Data Formatting Rule in your profile to get around this. 

Advanced Data Formatting - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

The simplest in your case could be a rule with no criteria,  just 2 actions

Action 1 Replace String:  Find String \x1d     Replace String $$$$   (or whatever you want to see in your application).

Action 2 Send Remaining.

With the above rule, you would see 6360$$$$4K when you scan your barcode.  You could use any combination of printable characters (or just one character) in place of the $$$$.

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