Xamarin Forms BTLE or Classic printing with no pairing/pin

Hello all,

I have a full complement of Zebra products. Using a TC75 hand held and the QLn printers (currently a QLn220). I have developed a mobile application using Xamarin.Forms though I could use Xamarin.Android if that gives more flexibility.

What we want to do is to be able to print to the nearby printer without having to pair or confirm the pin. While we understand the need for pairing and pin confirmation for security purposes, we have a specific scenario where we don't want it. Here is the scenario, it is a large corporation with many buildings. Several hundred users have either TC75 devices or their own Android/iOS devices. The printers are inside the company buildings, similar to a kiosk setup. We want users to be able to print a label from the mobile app with minimal setup/interaction. There could be several hundred users each day. Since BTLE has a range of ~30 feet, as long as they are in range we want to just be able to print. Security is not too much of a concern here because it is not open to the public, the public would not have the mobile app, the printer is not in range of the public, etc...

I am fine with displaying a list (MAC address or Serial number or anything) if there are multiple printers in range so the user knows which one they are printing to and as soon as they select, it will print. What I don't want to do is have each user have to pair the printer and/or confirm the pin every time.

I have done tons of research, I know there is Link-OS SDK which I have downloaded including the Developer_Demo which I have downloaded and put on my Android device. It does find the BT printer but when you click to print a receipt, there is the added step of confirming the pin both on the printer and the mobile device. I simply want to bypass this step and we are good.

I also read that there is RFCOMM and you can do an insecure RFCOMM but I have read mixed reviews about this working and I am not even sure it will work on Xamarin.

Can somebody please let me know if this is possible and the best approach?