Windows 10 - Bluetooth - ZQ520 reconnect issues

Hi - We have a bunch of Surface Pro 5 connecting to the ZQ520s via Bluetooth.   Each Surface Pro connects to a single Zebra, which we have named uniquely via the Zebra Utilities.   We are printing using the standard windows printer setup (using Zebra CPCL driver).  We can get them to connect and work initially but by the next day when we start up the Surface Pros and ZQ520s most will not automatically reconnect.   Sometimes just powering on/off ZQ520 will suffice.  Or perhaps turning off Bluetooth radio in Windows settings.   Sometimes nothing works and we have to un-pair and then re-pair and/or uninstall everything (Zebra Utilities), delete printer setup and start over.   This has become a support nightmare.   Our fallback is to just plug the printer in with a USB cable but that defeats the entire purpose of a wireless printer...  

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Hi Daniel, I'm sorry we can't

Hi Daniel, I'm sorry we can't help much with this. Please contact Zebra Technical Support Contact Support | Zebra Technologies​.

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