Navigating with the Physical Keyboard in Xamarin apps

Hi all, when navigating using the physical keyboard in a Xamarin app, I noted that on some form objects the physical keyboard works while on other it.  In the app, the user wants to utilise the tab, arrows, delete and escape keys on the physical keyboard to flow from top left to bottom right of form  content and I just wondered how best to ensure a good UX for the user.  In Windows Mobile/CE we could set the tabbing sequence and navigate up and down dropdown lists pressing 'Enter' to select an item from the list and arrow keys to scroll up, left, right and down of list views.  I just wondered if anyone had any insights they could share as to how this can be achieve in Xamarin/C# 3 for VS2017 applicaiton development targetting an MC3300 device running Android 7.1.