MK3100(CE), EB 1.7, DataWedge Delayed scanning

On advice from this community, I changed the hardware to the MK3100 and saw a great deal of speed increase. Thank You!

However, now I'm seeing a 2-second delay from the time a scan is acquired to when it actually writes to a text box (HTML). I've seen multiple posts about EB and Android where you have to declare DataWedge in the EB config file and copy files to a specific directory to get DataWedge to work in EB, yet, I see nothing on Windows CE.

I've had this app in production for over a year and my users are consistently telling me how slow it is. I have narrowed the bottleneck to when DW writes to the text box. Within the DW test environment, it's write-speed is insanely fast... How can I incorporate that into my app?