EMDK 3 with VS2019


I tried to compile my Xamarin EMDK3 based app (developed on VS2017) running on a TC20 with Visual Studio 2019 RC and it compiles and deploys but on the device it crashes at startup of the debug.

If I run the same installed up on the device, it appears to be working fine: it crashes only when I try to start and debug the app with VS2019.

If I remove any reference to EMDK in the OnCreate, on debug works.

I then tried to compile and run the standard BarcodeSample1 and it breaks at startup too, with debug.

Then BarcodeSample1 launched straight from device, works.

Only difference I see in the APK is lib\armeabi-v7a\libmonodroid.so 124740Kb when compiled with VS2017 and 942796 with VS2019

Any suggestion?