how to use the kill password?

I am placing a kill password when I write the tag but when I want to kill over the tag I put the same password but it generates an error.

Tag Encoding :urn:epc:tag:sgtin-96:3.0607766.054102.18385

Pure Identity :urn:epc:id:sgtin:0607766.054102.18385

Legacy :gtin=00607766541022;serial=18385

Hexadecimal :307425185834D580000047D1

Binario :001100000111010000100101000110000101100000110100110101011000000000000000000000000100011111010001




^FO25,36^ADN,18,10^FDDrinking Water Agua Purificada^FS

^FO580,36^BQN,2,3^FDMM,00607766541022*Drinking Water Agua Purificada^FS

^FO25,58^ADN,18,10^FDRFID - TAG^FS



^RFW,H^FD307425185834D580000047D1^FS     <-- Write EPC value

^RZC6DA53,E,L^FS                                                <-- Write Kill Password Hex Value C6DA53


What am I doing wrong that does not work for me?

Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Dennis,As you can see

Hello Dennis,

As you can see on a page 392 of ZPL manual, to set a killswitch password the ^RZ command requires you to use K flag instead of E:

It looks like there is no L flag for ^RZ command. Please check all your commands and respective options with mentioned document.

Also you may need to check if ^RZ command is supported in a version of your printer firmware.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Dennis,What printer are

Hi Dennis,

What printer are you using for your implementation? The ZPL RFID commands are dependent on Zebra printer model, please, check the link below to verify compatibility.

Here, below a link where you can select the right RFID manual for the right printer.

RFID Programming Guide for Zebra Printers | Zebra

For example, if you are using a ZD500R model, please, check the link below for the right RFID manual, and take a look at pages 60, 61, 62 & 63 for knowing how to use ^RL command for kill password.



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