[Android] Cannot get text input of scanned codes via DataWedge

Hi everyone,

I'm developing an app that will be installed on 2 different types of smartphones that both have their different integrated barcode readers.

Because of this, I'd like to avoid using the Zebra EMDK and treat every scanned code just like if it had been typed in an input field.

The problem is that when I scan a code, it beeps to indicate that it has read the code, but it does not write the code down in the input I've selected.

I've checked the documentation and tutorials and it says to activate Keystroke Output, which I did.

I've also added my app in the Associated apps (all activities, with the *) and have added the default web browser as well for easy testing.

Below are screenshots of my DataWedge configuration (it's in french so I wrote the translations of some titles in red next to it - in you need any more translations please ask).

Could anybody help me see why it's not working ?

Thanks a lot !