Not possible to set barcode length1 when decoding Datamatrix

I am using a TC77 to scan datamatrix barcodes.

Is there any way to only decode a datamatrix with a specific length? There are no length decode parameter in the api or datawedge.

The reason is that we have a label with two different datamatrix barcodes close to each other, and would like only to scan the one with a text content length of 123 chars. Changing the label is unfortunately not an option.

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Hi, specifying the length of

Hi, specifying the length of a datamatrix barcode is not supported by the scan engine I am afraid but you might want to take a look at either Picklist mode or one of the numerous aim types that can be configured, both of these enhance a users ability to scan a specific barcode in a crowded scene and you can find documentation at Barcode Input - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  They can be set either via DataWedge or through the EMDK.  It sounds like picklist mode will probably be the most appropriate for you.

A less conventional alternative option would be to capture both barcodes via the scanner's multi-barcode feature and differentiate which one you want in your application, but that is probably overkill in this case.

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