Rho 2.2 - RFID plugin - operationCompleteEvent callback never called

I need to use MC319ZEU devices to write rfid tags. I need strict control on the process to ensure correct data transfer to tag memories.

It means that the write process consists of multiple steps, so i must know when one operation completes and when can I move forward to the next.

According to the documentation there is an event named 'operationCompleteEvent' which would be exactly what I need.

But it does not work for me, I never get any notification. (All the other documented callbacks are working fine.)

Furthermore if I register the callback as it is in the docs example:

rfid.operationCompleteEvent = 'operationCompleteEventHandler()'

then i got an error that %json argument required: (RFIDModule::RFIDModule::MetaProc| %json expected in the callback)

If I register it with %json it does not complain, so everything seems fine.

Besides I have noticed that the rfid plugin sample application does not use this operationCompleteEvent callback at all, although the documentation says (obviously) that it is a very important callback to detect when the driver is ready to accept calls.

Is any known issue with this plugin?

I use RE version with RFID plugin version with javascript API.