Offer Task to Users One at a Time or All At Once?

One of the questions we get regularly is about when to use the Rules Engine Ranking within the Task Template. Should I enable or disable the Ranking and if I enable it how do I determine the desired availability/skill/active weighting?

First off, when Ranking is enabled, MWM will try to determine the BEST person to assign the task to. It will do this based on several factors as defined by the Task Template definition but will essentially look at the available and active users and send it to the most skilled user (again all based on weighting). However, this will only go to ONE user at a time. If that user rejects, declines or marks "can't complete" then the task will be released to the pool and sent to the NEXT best user for the job. If the task continues to get declined it will eventually escalate or timeout based on the template rules. The reason for all of this is that MWM was designed so that the manager and workers did not have to decide who would complete it, MWM handles that logic internally.

However, some companies WANT to be able to simply offer the task up to several workers at the same time and wait until the first available worker accepts it. In this case, you would need to de-select the "Ranking" checkbox in the template so that the weightage is not applied. The task will immediately show up in all applicable workers' inboxes until somebody accepts it. Once it has been accepted, it will be removed from all other inboxes.