Access to Google Play on TC55

What are the plans (if any) to gain access to the Google Play app on the TC 55?


Here's where I'm going with this:


To quote the sales message -- "A wide variety of applications ready for Android are available to help businesses in many vertical markets improve mobile workforce efficiency.", clearly the business apps Google offers via Google Play are targeted head on for vertical markets.


As a developer, trying to build a solution for this device and not having access to core business apps that would be needed alongside a custom solution -- is a non-starter.

To pick but one -- Google Drive -- that one app, in terms of productivity value is a must have.


Perusing Google's list supported apps for Google Play, I see the TC55 is clearly there. However, there is no sign of the app on the device out of the box.

Alternatives such as Amazon's store and side loading are not viable options.


Some guesses:

(a) Motorola has pulled the Google Store app from the device (even though Google says it has their blessing)

(b) Its pulled, but only available on request from Motorola

(c) Its buried somewhere on the device, it just needs to be installed & activated somehow

(d) Some dumb thing on my part (need a new build or something)...


If anyone has some insight on this it would be greatly appreciated!