Battery Events
Give access to past 24 hours of device battery events

The Battery Events API returns data on battery events, i.e., charging or discharging, in the past 24 hours. The historical time series battery event data can be leveraged by applications to track battery usage patterns and is useful in debugging efforts.

Getting Started
  • To purchase, contact your Zebra Account Manager.
  • Questions? Check the FAQ.
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A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide.

  • Verify mobile device model and Android version are supported for the Mobile Computer Device Health APIs.
  • The device has been enrolled and authorized for Zebra Savanna.
  • The Zebra Data Services (ZDS) agent is installed and activated on the device.
Battery Events in Action
  • An organization can reveal an individual mobile computer's battery events within the past 24 hours.
  • The organization can monitor its devices' charging patterns to determine if batteries are being utilized properly.
  • When used in combination with the Application Usage API, it can verify if applications are draining batteries too quickly.