Data Services for RFID
Bring Full-Featured RFID to More Places at a Lower Cost

RFID brings unprecedented value to businesses by enabling them to track inventory, streamline workflows, and create efficiencies—but initial deployment costs can scale rapidly. RFID technology can be as useful in smaller environments, such as pharmacies, quick-service restaurants, and retail storefronts as it is in larger facilities. How can businesses bring RFID to every branch and franchise?

By taking advantage of Zebra’s Data Services for RFID, businesses can eliminate complex and expensive on-premises infrastructure. Instead, they can use connectivity, data handling, and analytics capabilities that are built directly into both the RFID reader and the cloud. This can help lower total cost of ownership for RFID deployments, allowing businesses to extend the benefits of RFID readers into nontraditional environments without compromising their end-to-end visibility.

  • One or more Zebra FX7500 or FX9600 fixed readers
  • Firmware version 3.7.26 and up, latest version preferable
  • Reader enrolled in Zebra Data Services through My Devices.
  • Event Webhooks can be managed through My Subscriptions UI or using the Event Subsciption API (available only after demo/purchase)
  • Network port that needs to be open: 443 
Data Services for RFID in Action

Here are just a few features of Data Services for RFID that can help lower business costs, get more out of their RFID deployments, and even help to make RFID attainable for smaller operations that once thought the technology was beyond their reach.

  •  Only see what matters—manage data transmissions with granular on-reader filters to only receive information that directly helps your workforce.
  •  Break down data silos—raw data and detailed analytics are available to all, including your partners and internal buisness units.
  •  Eliminate bottlenecks by storing RFID data in a GS1 format and perform analytics on the fly.
  •  Get alerted on key action items such as inventory out of place, out of stock, or stalled within the production line.
  •  Analyze tag reads with simple API calls by resource, location, and time.
  • Develop or integrate reader management tools to streamline updates and processes.
Supertile API List

Store tag data in Zebra Savanna Cloud for historical views and advanced analytics

Remotely setup, receive alerts and monitor functionality and health of RFID Reader. Receive actionable intelligence on device health, inventory tracking, and more​.

Receive RFID tag information and events via Webhook Subscriptions. Raw data can be pushed to existing customer/partner analytics platforms or to Zebra Savanna Cloud