Device Baseline Analytics
Give comparative insights between devices and the whole pool

A manager who instantly wants to know how the operating health of the organization’s individual Zebra mobile computers compared with the entire pool can benefit from an application built with the Device Baseline Analytics API. The manager has access to four analytics dimensions to help them quickly identify devices that might need repairs:

  •  Device reboots
  •  Battery temperature
  •  Application not responding (ANR) events
  •  Failed device scans
Getting Started
  • To purchase, contact your Zebra Account Manager
  • Questions? Check the FAQ
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A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide

  • Mobile device model and Android version are supported for the Mobile Computer Device Health APIs
  • Device has been enrolled and authorized for Zebra Savanna
  • Zebra Data Services (ZDS) agent is installed and activated on the device
API Name in Action
  • An IT manager can scan a company's device population data to identify outliers based on key device health metrics.
  • The data can help the IT manager quickly identify problem devices and take action.