Event Subscription
Enabling Webhooks for device driven events

The Event Subscription Service allows developers to create webhook subscriptions programatically.  It currently supports RFID read events only. A UI based option for creating webhook subscriptions can be found here.  Some advantages of the API version over the UI version are:

1. More control over the subscription creation 

2. Access to modify some hidden default parameters 

3. Ability to create subscriptions for other users' accounts (with proper authorization)

4. Start and Stop subscriptions without deleting them

  • One or more Zebra FX7500 or FX9600 fixed readers
  • Firmware version 3.7.26 and up
  • Reader enrolled in Zebra Data Services through My Devices
  • The APIs below need an OAuth token or APP Key (client_id).
  • Port 443 must be open on the network.
  • (optional) If you wish to set up subscriptions via UI, use the My Subscriptions page.
  • Contact your Zebra Account Representitive to purchase or demo this product
Getting Started
Device Subscriptions in Action
  •  Only see what matters—manage data transmissions with granular on-reader filters to only receive information that directly helps your workforce.
  •  Eliminate bottlenecks by getting RFID data in a decoded GS1 format.
  •  Transform event data into your data format on the fly.
  •  Send events to multiple endpoints with different filters and transformations to better support your customers, partners and internal services.
  •  Get alerted on key action items such as inventory out of place, out of stock, or stalled within the production line.