GS1 Decoder
Easily decode to a human readable identity

The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a system for the identification of individual physical objects, including trade items, logistics units, documents, service relations, locations, and other physical assets. Every physical object can be assigned a unique EPC, and with a unique EPC a physical object can be the subject of electronic information. -

This set of endpoints gives you accesss to several decode methods that provide human readable identifiers for RFID tag data based on the GS1 standards and provided in a JSON format that is easy to work with.

Getting Started
  • EPC Tag URI that corresponds to GS1 data. If a tag data is provided that does not correspond to a valid GS1 key, the return will be empty.
  • No specific reader or set up required.  
Available Packages
GS1 Decode

$0.001 per call

100 free calls/mo

5 calls/second