OTA Update Delivery


The LifeGuard OTA Update Delivery application provides the ability for an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) server to control the enrollment and deployment of the 'last mile' delivery of Operating System (OS) updates to Zebra mobile devices.

To update the device, the EMM first determines what software is on the device by reading the Build ID from the device. This is performed by requesting detailed device information from the client. The BuildID is a critical value that can be used to compare the OS version running on the device to the newest version available.

The current standard for the BuildID allows the EMM to identify:

  • Baseline OS version
  • Patch version
  • Google Mobile Services (GMS) vs. Non Google Mobile Services (NGMS)
  • Android flavor
  • STD - standard vs. non-standard

Example of a Build ID

Example: 01-18-02.00-OG-U02-STD

  1. Baseline: “01-18-02.00”
  2. OG (Oreo/GMS)
    • O – Oreo
    • G – GMS
  3. Patch level: U02
    • U – update
    • 02 – Patch 02
  4. STD – Standard release


  • Use of the last mile OTA APIs is limited to ONLY authorized EMM clients.
  • The device must be properly enrolled. See the Zebra Device Enrollment Step by Step Guide for more details.
  • Devices must be running Android Nougat or higher.
  • A valid authorization bearer token has been obtained.
  • A valid access token has been obtained.

Steps to Achieve Deployment of Mobile Devices for Operating System Updates

1. Generate an enrollment token using Get Enrollment Token API.
2. Confirm device enrollment using Get Enrolled Asset API.

1. Query the enrolled device information using Retrieve Device List with Metadata API.*
2. Find applicable OS/LG updates using OTA Update Access API
3. Perform OS/LG update using Create Deployment API.

Refer to the Zebra OTA API Developer Guide for more details.

Service Level Offerings (SLOs)

Based on pricing plan selected.
Basic = 1 call every 2 seconds
Response Time:
Average is < 200ms.
Uptime: 99%
Support: Visit the Forums or Help.


A Zebra application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on obtaining a key.


Mobile Device

Information for the End User

The EMM is responsible for instructing the end user how to configure their devices for device enrollment. See the Zebra Device Enrollment Step by Step Guide for more details.

Related Information

Refer to the Release Notes for details.

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