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This API will be going End Of Service on Sept 15, 2020.

Consider switching to SendFileToPrinter to handle your production printing and configuration needs.

The BETA Printer – Print From Cloud API enables online access to any Zebra LinkOS enabled printers. Users can obtain current state and status of their printers, including odometer information. User are also able to execute print jobs via Savanna from anywhere, to anywhere in the world.

Getting Started

Sample Use Cases

  • A shipping and logistics customer wants to monitor media status of their Zebra printers so they can better anticipate supply orders.

  • A retail customer wants to print new shelf labels at multiple stores based on data from a centralized planogram system at corporate headquarters.

Device Specifications

Is compatible with all Zebra Link-OS printers, including:

  • ZT200, ZT400, ZT500, and ZT600 Series Printers,

  • ZD400, ZD500, and ZD600 Series printers,

  • QLn Series, iMZ Series, ZQ3, ZQ5 and ZQ6 Series printers.

This is a growing list that includes at least 45 models of printers

Firmware Requirements

Firmware vXX.18.1Z and over.
Update instructions

Sample Code

Samples on Github
Hosted Sample


Action, Search, Printer


A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on obtaining a key.

Device Controller



Get a printers odometer value{printer_sn}/odometers

Get Odometers




Send print job{printer_sn}/sendRawData

Prints a label from the specified printer to print the label via file containing ZPL code.Set the printer serial number/unique id in the url below:




Get printer details{printer_sn}

Retrieves information about the selected printer, its status, and many of its attributes.


Get available printers

Retrieves a list of printers, their status, and many attributes.