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iOS App Development - Things You Might Miss

Many developers may find themselves, or have already found themselves, developing an iOS application connecting to a Zebra MFi product via Bluetooth. Before distributing your MFi app through Apple’s Business-2-Business or standard App Store, you will need to register your app with Zebra as per Apple’s requirements. During this step, Zebra will perform a high-level test of your app to ensure stability, proper printed output, and, if present, appropriate Zebra branding.


Java Card SDK - Official Release

In addition to our current C# libraries for the ZXP Card printer series, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Java Card SDK. The purpose of the Java Card SDK is to provide total support for all current ZXP Card printers as to easily integrate card printing into multiple application and customer use cases. Given that the new SDK is Java-based, the SDK will allow developers to integrate card printing into their applications from Windows, Linux, and Mac OS environments, with separate installers for each.