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A Technical Support case for Bluetooth (BLE) printing came across my desk, and it was the First Time that our Help Desk and Engineering Support had come across BLE Javascript / HTML printing that leverages a Firefox Function added to the Chromium / Chrome browser.

The Technical Support Case discovered that for this type of printing operation there are some steps that one needs to do, in order to work correctly for this function.

Adding .PDF Internally to a RhoMobile app.

As a Help Desk person I get some questions that are "Well we don't do that -- but this 3rd party app may help you."

And I got one today (Thanks Jeffery) and although I indicated that we don't support .PDF document viewing internal to a RhoMobile app environment -- this link to GITHUB was what I recommended.

Here is the Link:

Fragmentation in an "Application Market Store" driven environment.

First and Foremost -- I AM NOT A FANBOI!



I was called the "Mac Guy" in Pre-1997 days of Systems Support at a place I worked at (Long long ago, and far-far away...) and I truly resented the moniker since it insinuated that I was "probably" a Fan of the Macintosh Platform.

I was a Fan of the Mac, but not as a "Mac Guy"  -- I just simply liked the User Interface.