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Zebra has earned its reputation for taking APPFORUM participants to technology’s cutting edge with top-notch sessions, serious networking, and a panoply of workshops and demos. But this time around we’re taking our biennial Enterprise Software Developer Conference Series to new heights as we bring Google along with us to explore the enterprise space and delve into all things Android.

Android Studio 2.3 & EMDK For Android Beta Fix

The current version of EMDK For Android 6.x will not work if you have upgraded to the latest Android Studio release 2.3. You may not have noticed this unless you tried to use Profile Manager from the EMDK menu. While we plan on incorporating this into the next official release, we felt it was important to put out an immediate beta release patch to address this now prior to the official release.


PC Installation

1. Install or upgrade the Android Studio v2.3

Tau Releases New Version of RhoMobile 5.5

Tau Technologies has released a new version of RhoMobile 5.5 that includes many new features, updates and enhancements.

New Features Added

● iOS 10 Support.

● Android M Support.

● Android N Support.

● Crosswalk web engine for Android. Version of Crosswalk is 19.49.514.5.

● Android M: app permissions requested at runtime if app built with SDK 23+.

● WebKit web engine for Windows Mobile/CE.

DevTalk: How Zebra & Xamarin Will Help You Build Enterprise Android Apps Using C#

Building C# applications for enterprise grade Android devices just go a whole lot easier. In this DevTalk,  see how to use Xamarin SDK's provided by Zebra Technologies to build Android applications using device API's and integrated printing.


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Developing EMDK Apps With Android Studio1.0.x


The purpose of this document is to outline the steps needed to integrate the Symbol EMDK for Android into Android Studio, walk through the available methods in which you can add the EMDK library to your Android Studio project, and explain how to import the current Eclipse based EMDK sample projects into Android Studio.