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WLAN - ADSP RoadMap presentation

This morning Sunalini Sankharavam, Director of Product Management for EWLAN delivered an update on the EWLAN / ADSP roadmap.

It was well attended (115 people made the live session) and well-liked (82% "very high" or "high rating on Job Impact).

The recording is posted at  - note that the first minute or so of the recording is voice only.

Updating your MC40 to JellyBean, Latest Version

Before you start (or "Step 0" for those of you who like zero-based arrays)

Check your device to see if it is GB or JB ..and whether it is a Voice or Non-Voice unit. Here's how..

- check your Build Number in Settings.. About Device.  

   - if the 2nd section is "4AJ11" this unit is already on JellyBean - SKIP TO STEP 3 below

   - if it has the string "-V0-" it is a voice unit. If it has the string "-00-" it is non-voice unit