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Enabling RxLogger through AirWatch

A few people have asked how it is possible to start RxLogger automatically using AirWatch.


This is possible by doing the following


1) Go to Products->Files and Actions and create a new one

2) In the manifest section and a new item under Run Intent

3) Add the following parameters to the Intent mode=implicit,broadcast=true,action=com.symbol.rxlogger.intent.action.ENABLE

4) Add this to a product and deploy to the devices

Basic SB1 Application Development with WebServer and MySQL

I thought I would share my experiences with the community from when I created my first application and the hints and tips which I picked up from the internet and from colleagues. Hopefully the information below may help others who want to take the step to creating their first "Hello World" SB1 application. In this guide I will show how I have completed it using a Windows 7 machine, however it is just as simple to do using Linux and I have included links for that too.