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DEVTALK - October 5 -  Want to Integrate DataWedge & Printing into Your Cordova Application?

Are you a JavaScript developer? Do you want to learn how to integrate your JavaScript applications with Zebra mobile computers and printers?

With the myriad of hybrid application technologies out there, it is not obvious how best to integrate your application with Zebra hardware.

DEVTALK – May 18th – Best Practices in Creating a Printing Application for Zebra Printers

Join us for the next DEV { TALK } on May 18th at 10:00 CST.

Zebra engineers have developed reviewed & tested hundreds of apps and want to share the most compelling tips & tricks they have learned to streamline development of apps for the most satisfying customer experience.

DEV { TALK } – October 19 – Learn New and Exciting Enterprise Browser Updates

Join us for an in-depth look at the latest developer features for Enterprise Browser applications. Whether you have an existing web-based application or are starting a new one and need to access Zebra's device capabilities, you will want to join this technical session that has been specifically put together for you to learn about new features and updates on new Zebra products supported.


DEV { TALK } – August 17th – Want to connect a Raspberry Pi to Zatar?

The promise of the Internet of Things is vast, yet currently it’s still a challenge to get small, embedded devices connected to the Cloud. ARM is making this easier by making available free open-sourced software called ARM mBed Client. This C++ code can be made to run on many device types.


Zebra has expanded and enhanced our Link-OS™ Multiplatform Software

The newly released v2.11 SDK includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) in the Java-based Android and PC toolkits. You can now quickly add BTLE support to Java-based apps for use on Android and PC devices. This SDK lets you save considerable time as you develop your own solutions.


Getting Started with Zebra Printers and Apps


This Application Note outlines the basics for printing to and developing apps for Zebra printers. It details the process of setting up and beginning to use a Zebra printer.


This document includes the following sections:

1.  Setting Up Your Zebra Printer

2.  Connecting Your Printer

3.  Testing the Connection

4.  Configuring Your Printer

5.  Designing Your Label

6.  Using Development Tools to Create Your Printer App

7.  Testing Your Printer App

DEV { TALK } – July 20th – RFID Overview, Applications and Development Paths

In this webinar, we will review the latest trends in RFID technology and what that means for you as a developer. Improve your work efficiency with RFID by learning industry standards, such as LLRP and Gen2, and building your own RFID application.


Some of the topics covered are:

DEV { TALK } June 15th - Best Practices in using EMDK for Android

In this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate EMDK for Android best practice techniques to ensure your application runs smoothly and performs well. We will cover some common pitfalls and how to avoid them including: concurrency guidelines, using the same code on non-Zebra devices, handling lifecycle events properly, as well as many effective techniques.