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Pairing the RS507 and the MC65 without PIN or with PIN

It is important to note that when pairing with BSP44 that you must enter PIN number quickly otherwise it will not pair. 


WIth BSP44 and the RS507 with firmware PAAACS00-005-R02D0 the procedure is as follows:


1.  Load the follwing as a reg file into the Application Folder

; BT Scanner settings for 41.400 / 44.00


Methods for Time Synchronization

Device Time can be affected in Many ways. 


          In ActiveSync 4.5 select Tools - >Options -> Settings and then Select "Synchronize Pocket PC date and time upon connecting"

          This is on by Default - 


     How to set the Fusion Options on a device.

          Select "Options" from the Fusion Menu

          Select "System Options from the pull down

          Check "Auto Time Config"

     Relies on the accuracy of the current AP time

How to prevent Multiple Instances of Applications in Windows Mobile

Over the last several years most partners have had multiple instances of their application running on the device which has
caused some issues for them.  It has been my experience that the partners need to check for this in their apps.  There are several ways to check for this
depending on what programming language is used.  Here are some links and snippets of code:


How to create a File setting through MSP to set a Registry setting?

In MSP under settings ->  Click on Create and in the Setting Type drop down select FILE.SETTINGS.XML and then select the registry file and place it in the Application directory as shown below.
After creating the setting The user will need to create a staging barcode with just the setting selected.