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Datamax announced that their whole print portfolio would be going end of sale in December 2021. This blog covers the software and commercial tools that Zebra have implemented to help support of the migration of end users over to the latest Zebra printers.


In December 2021, Honeywell’s Datamax printers went End of Sale, and this will require customers to transition from the legacy Datamax printers to a new printer for new applications or replacement printer purchases.

Honeywell is directing customers to purchase the comparable Intermec printer. This presents an opportunity for Zebra since the change from Datamax to Intermec requires the same level of transition effort/switching costs as moving from Datamax to Zebra.


Datamax printers use DPL (Datamax Printer Language) and Honeywell’s current printers use IPL (Intermec Printer Language). The transition from one printer language to another is the main challenge Datamax end users will face, and therefore Zebra now has a huge opportunity to migrate these end users over to our print portfolio. Zebra can move these end users over by emulating DPL on our own Print DNA printers.

Printer Emulations are on-printer apps that allow Print DNA capable printers to use a variety of printer command languages (including DPL), while adding the benefits of manageability and security. Multiple emulations can be downloaded to a single printer, allowing users to choose between command languages as needed. These Printer Emulations are optimized to ensure fast throughput, while delivering high quality labels and receipts. Print DNA printers using Printer Emulations can be easily managed and secured using the Printer Profile Manager Enterprise app.

As of Link-OS v6.6, the Datamax and Intermec Emulations are integrated into the Printer OS. Previously, you would have to manually visit, and download the emulation onto the printer. Now, you simply have to enable to printer emulation in the Emulations menu (on a non-touch screen printer) or the Programming Language menu (on a touch screen printer). A Printer Emulation can also be enabled using the command:

!U1 setvar "apl.enable" "name"

Where “name” is APL-D (for Datamax Emulations) or APL-I (for Intermec Emulations).

Industrial Migration Promotion

In July 2021, Zebra launched the Industrial Migration Promotion to help aid with Datamax transition commercially as well. This promotion is modelled on the extremely popular Printer Trade-up Program, and uses the same tool and voucher system.

To use the Industrial Migration Promotion, you simply have to share the details of the Datamax printer you would like to trade up, and Zebra will offer up to 54.9% off list price (4.4% larger than the discounts offered using standard Printer Trade-up Program).

This promotion will currently run until the 30th of June 2022. Industrial Migration Promotion is for EU and EFTA regions only within EMEA.

More Information

For more information on Emulations, we also have the following videos: