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Augmented Reality with Neptune and Zebra HD4000 HUD

Over the last few weeks, Neptune Software have been integrating the HD4000 into their platform - a SAP Fiori development environment. By leveraging our Intent Interface utility, and a Cordova Plugin written by our colleague Darryn Campbell, Neptune were able to integrate the HD4000 into their development environment, and now have full support for our HUD in their platform! 

Neptune Software's CIO & Co-Founder, Njal Stabell, has put together a blog detailing this process, take a look below to read more!


Hack The Outbreak - My Experience


On the 15th of May 2020 we held our first ever Online Hackathon! Organized by Bibi Othmani, our Global Developer Relations Manager, the idea for this hackathon was to bring everyone together in a time where we all find ourselves so far apart. The hackathon was coined ‘Hack The Outbreak’ and was a fully-online, people-focused event designed to bring Zebras together from all parts of the business (not only developers/engineers) to use their diverse skills to collaborate, brainstorm and explore anti-crisis ideas for the world to overcome challenges associated with health pandemics, and in particular, Covid-19.