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Interface with Device Scanner on Android Devices Through DataWedge

Zebra’s series of developer conferences for 2019 has recently concluded with our AppForum event in Las Vegas.  During the year we also visited Warsaw, Sydney and Beijing and it was great to meet so many of our developers and discuss ideas, solutions and use cases.  One consistent theme across all 4 events was the proliferation of DataWedge as the recommended way of interfacing with the device scanner on our Android devices so I thought it made sense to summarize the content for those who could not make it to AppForum or who were not able to attend the DataWedge sessions at

Restrictions on non-SDK interfaces with Android Pie

Starting with Android Pie (API level 28), Android will start restricting which APIs your application can call if they are not part of the public API.  These restrictions apply whenever an app references a non-SDK interface or attempts to obtain its handle using reflection or JNI but do not affect calls to the EMDK or other third-party APIs.

Zebra at Droidcon London 2019

October 24th – 25th sees the annual Droidcon London event taking place at the city’s Business Design Centre in Islington.  Yet again, Zebra will be sponsoring the event giving us a booth and the opportunity to speak with and get feedback from event attendees.  It is always good to meet existing or new developers targeting Zebra hardware and has previousl