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APPFORUM 2019: Zebra SDK Optimization – Making it easier for developers

Decision makers outline several factors when they are evaluating competitors during technology purchase processes. To be on top, technological companies are competing to have SDKs, APIs, Utility Apps and cloud platforms easier to work with for developers and ISVs who influence, and sometimes decide on these purchases.

Blog Series: Developing Apps in Android and C# with the ZC100/300 Series Printers

In this first blog, we'll focus on developing a simple app in Android by using our new Android SDK for ZC100/300 card printers.

This basic app will have two activities, one to control and manage the TCP communication, and the second one to control the USB communication.

Blog Series: XML Templates for ZC100/300 Card Printers

In this new post of the blog series, we will be moving to different topic of new development tools. We will learn how to work with XML templates in our new Print Station Card app developed in Android (source code available) for ZC100/300 card printers.

The blog series will be covering the following use cases:

Blog Series: Android App to Print Double Sided Card With 3 Layers through TCP/USB

A few weeks ago, we started this new blog series focused on the new development tools for ZC1/300. In this new blog, we added complexity to the use case presented in the previous blog, and we show how to optimize the usage of the new ribbons by adding color image and overlay protection/security layers to the cards.

The blog series will be covering the following use cases:

Droidcon Boston Badges Powered by Zebra ZC10L Card Printer

DroidCon Boston was a fantastic event, March 26-27, diving into Android development topics as varied as Kotlin, Augmented Reality, Android things, Robotics, Optimization Strategies and other exciting trends. Zebra, a leader in the Android enterprise market, had the opportunity to sponsor the event to connect with the Android Developer Community. This event offered Zebra a unique opportunity to be in touch with developers to discuss Enterprise use cases and updates to Enterprise features within the Android environment.

Smart Battery Management of Your Link-OS Printers

This is the second in a series of blog posts reviewing smart features of Link-OS printers that could be implemented by developers.

For other posts in this series please see the links below:

This post will cover the battery information and control with some very useful SetGetDo (SGD) commands.


Zebra está alistando la alfombra roja otra vez para el APPFORUM, nuestras conferencias de Software empresarial que hemos realizado desde el 2014. APPFORUM tendrá su evento inaugural  para América del 9 al 11 de mayo en el Planet Hollywood en Las Vegas, Estados Unidos.

Este año en el APPFORUM, Zebra estará Reafirmando y estrechando su compromiso con los desarrolladores y líderes de la comunidad tecnológica de América Latina con el primer evento de tres días. Los asistentes de América Latina podrán encontrar: