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DEVTALK - Advancing Data Services with Savanna l Wednesday, June 19th at 10:00 am CDT

Ever wondered what would happen if you gave a Zebra access to every database in the world? See what Zebra can share when you go beyond the data. What if your scanner could give you not just the data you scanned, but real insights on that data? Scan a UPC and see not just the numbers, but the name, current price range around the world, and images of that product. Scan a book and get reviews and author bio, or scan a medical device and learn about active recalls.


DEVTALK: Learn About Signify VLC Solution l Wednesday, May 15th 10:00 am CDT

In this webinar,  the current generation Zebra handhelds based on SD660 processors such as the PS20, TC52 and TC72 are all capable of high accuracy indoor positioning using the Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) VLC solution which uses LED lighting to provide location beacons.

APPFORUM 2019:Discover the Latest Features for Developers using Android Oreo and Pie

From gingerbread to honeycomb, and marshmallow to éclair, each version of Android changes the behavior of how your applications work. Documentation of these changes is readily available for consumers but for app developers, detailed information on the implications of each version are less prevalent.

APPFORUM 2019: Bluetooth Direction Finding Enhances Proximity and Positioning Systems

Are you building a solution that needs to stream audio between two devices, a solution that needs to transfer data between two devices, a location services solution, or a solution where you need to have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices communicating with each other in a secure, reliable mesh network?

DEVTALK: Learn About GMS Restricted l Wednesday, April 17th 10:00 am CDT

Zebra’s new Restricted GMS feature is designed to bridge the gap between the previous generation of non-GMS (AOSP) devices and the current generation of GMS devices, providing the value-added features of GMS whilst addressing any associated privacy concerns. Learn the latest on this next DEVTALK.

Presented by:  Darryn Campbell,  Software Architect, Zebra Technologies

DEVTALK: Learn About the 123RFID Fixed Reader Configuration Tool l Wednesday, March 20th 10:00 am CDT

123RFID is a free Windows utility for deploying a Zebra RFID fixed reader. Now, you no longer need to be an expert to deploy RFID – setup and optimization of RFID readers is unbelievably simple. The intuitive wizard presents easy to understand options in drop-down menus, radio buttons and sliders. And if you have questions, you can find the answers, right inside the tool using built-in help and how-to-videos.

DEVTALK: Learn About Zebra's Enterprise Browser 2.0 New Features l Wednesday Feb. 20th @ 10:00 am CDT

Learn more about Enterprise Browser 2.0 (EB) with new, exciting features such as Voice readiness and an SAP EB Bundle simplifying configuration and deployment for SAP. Developers discover more about EB 2.0 how it can help you when developing on the enterprise platform.