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DEVTALK Wednesday, December 13th 10 AM CDT -  Integrating Zebra Printers with Windows Via the New Link-OS C# SDK

Dive into the new SDK update in our December DEVTALK ! We'll walk through code samples, best practices, tips and tricks and how to write apps for Windows desktop.

Presented by our Zebra Developer Team members: Robin West, Software Architect

DEVTALK Wednesday, November 15th 10 AM CDT -Printing Best Practices for Developers and Testers

The Zebra ISV technical team has been working with developers for several years. Part of the group’s charter is to provide developer support and testing services. We created these best practices based on common issues we see regularly. We wish to provide developers with guidance on:

DEV {TALK} Wednesday, October 18, 2017 10 am CDT - Locking Down Your Enterprise Device

Locking your users into a single or curated list of applications is a common task for any device administrator.  There are lots of ways to achieve this but which technique works best when?   In this DEV {TALK}, we'll demonstrate how to achieve this with Google’s LockTask mode (Kiosk mode) & device owner profile, Enterprise Home Screen, and the MX AccessManager.