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DEV {TALK} June 21st @ 10 AM CST - Touch Computer Scanning Made Easy

Trying to quickly integrate data from the scanner on your Zebra Touch Computer? Well, you don’t necessary have to use a wedge to leverage the scanner, instead, implement Zebra’s EMDK barcode-manager APIs made easy with Android Studio Live Templates. In this session, we'll create from the ground up a simple scanning app. Make sure Android Studio and Zebra’s EMDK are installed on your PC or Mac computer for this session.



DEV {TALK} April 19th 10 am CDT - Scanner SDK for Android 3rd Party Tablets and Phones

Explore our 3rd party SDK for Android tablets and phones. Leveraging the “Scanner Control App” from the Google play store, we will demonstrate how to pair and fully control a DS8178 Bluetooth scanner from a Samsung tablet. We will also cover the free source code provided in the SDK from the Scanner Control App.   

DEV {TALK} - March 29th – 10 am CDT - Getting Started with Zebra's RFID and Scanner Application Integration

Join  our RFID experts as they provide step-by-step instructions on how to important Zebra RFID and Scanner SDK for iOS, how to set up a new XCODE project that will work with the RFID and Scanner SDK for iOS, and how to understand SDK's API. We'll include some demos and an overview of the RFD8500 device including system requirements, device set up, and Bluetooth pairing between iOS and RFD8500.