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Zebra DevTalk | Zebra's RFID Android APIs With Kutir | April 2021

Inventarium Scaneamus! Learn the magic code to turn your mobile app into an out-of-this-world asset and inventory counting wand with Zebra's RFID Android APIs. RFID-enable your Android app in this step-by-step and spell-by-spell walkthrough session.

Presenter: Javier Molina, Senior Architect, KutirMobility


Zebra DevTalk | Testing Exported XML before EMM Deployment via OEMConfig | Feb. 2021

This session will cover the process of exporting raw XML from StageNow, testing it on a Zebra device using a simple helper utility and subsequently deploying to a device via the OEMConfig feature now available in most EMM tools including SOTI, Airwatch/Workspace One, Wizy etc. The target audience is both developers and systems/support personnel but it does not require any programming knowledge in order to use these techniques.

Zebra DevTalk | What's New with Mobility DNA | March 2021

Mobility DNA gives Zebra mobile computers their distinct enterprise capabilities. In this session, Darryn Campbell will take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the latest features added to Mobility DNA to make a user’s life easier: from simpler update distribution to new APIs, and review the latest features of MX and DataWedge plus more! 

Presenter:  Darryn Campbell, Zebra Technologies

Zebra DevTalk | VisibilityIQ APIs: Integrate Insights into Partner & Customer Software Systems | December 2020

VisibilityIQ APIs enable simple integration to all of the critical data, analytics and insights available through the standard dashboard user interface into alternative platforms through standard, pre-defined interfaces: