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DEVTALK  Wednesday, March 21, 2018 10:00 am CDT  Enterprise Browser: Enable your Web Application

It happens all the time, your end-user wants to use their existing web application on a fancy new device and some of the things they ask, are simply not there!

“There’s no hardware keyboard!”

“The web page is too small on this device!”

DEVTALK Wednesday, April 25th 10:00 AM CDT - DataWedge Updates

In this DEVTALK, we will be getting you up to speed with the latest and greatest DataWedge capabilities - new APIs, new options & new devices supported.   Hop on live and chat directly with the Zebra Dev team or watch the replay and join the conversation.

Presented by:  Rob Galvin, Zebra Principal Software Engineer

The YouTube presentation video will be posted soon!

DEVTALK Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 10 AM CDT - Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Device Admin and Device Owner Overview

As Android evolves to better support the Enterprise space, there is an increased focus on security and device management.  With the introduction of Device Owner mode, this session will cover Device Administrator vs. Device Owner and the migration path from DA to DO.  We'll also include information on how Zebra Value Adds are delivered to enhance the Enterprise experience of these modes.

Presented by: Dave DeGrassi, Zebra Senior Product Manager